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CommBox Display 65″ 4K

The CommBox Display 65 4K is the ideal size for environments such as pubs & clubs, hospitality and retail.

For the Classroom…
Never install another projector when a CommBox Display offers best available resolution, brightness, contrast & anti-glare that’s easy on the eyes.

In the Office…
Transform your meeting & training rooms with a CommBox Display. Add the OPS PC, camera, mic and speakers for the ultimate video conference set up. View text comfortably that’s flicker-free with Blue Light eye-care.

In Retail…
The 24/7 commercial display is perfect for all retail and digital signage applications with the benefits of built-in Android and OPS.

$1969 Per LCD Screen

The All-in-One Smart Choice for Business Big and Small

The SL550 is the total package suitable for business of all kinds. Optimizing mobility and versatility with best-in-class hardware and software, the SL550 aims to display your business at the right place and the right time. With multi-screen connectivity, you can freely connect multiple smart signage for video wall installation, seizing customers’ attention with dynamic possibilities. Fully compatible with BenQ Easy-to-Go stand, the SL550 can fit messages into diverse applications with the easiest installation. It is the solution saving you time, efforts and resources all at once.

Do you need a commercial LCD screen for your business to display menus, specials or other? Different screens and options available - just ask!

$2499 Per LCD Screen


X-Sign User-friendly Content Management Software

The X-Sign signage app helps you customize, edit, manage and play the content to be showcased, allowing you to instantaneously engage your customers.

Create and control targeted in store displays with over 100 templates that support animation for images and texts, video playback, QR code implementation and daily scheduled playlist.

Display contents easily through a USB flash drive or BenQ cloud service.

Single or multiple displays management and content distribution via Internet to save time, costs and efforts.

DP Daisy Chain for 4K Video Wall Flexibility

Featuring the industry-leading DisplayPort1.1a daisy chain technology, SL550 offers multi-display capability that lets you assemble video wall installations on the fly. With a 2x2 configuration, you can immediately create a true-4K (3840 x 2160) video wall to showcase your business with details that is 4 times greater than the HD quality. SL550 is designed with flexibility in mind, allowing you to display promotional messages across unique display arrays and seize attention like never before.

Powerful Performance & Drive

The combination of a 1.5GHz quad core-processor and 2G RAM memory ensures delivery of smooth, seamless display performance at all times, even while the smart signage is multitasking between applications.

Commercial BENQ 55" LED Display